Dye Fixing Agent is a recommended to improve wet fastness of direct dyes and reactive dyes.

Appearance Colourless to pale yellow clear liquid
Ionic Nature Cationic
Composition Cationic Polymeric product
Solubility Easily soluble in cold water
Compatibility Compatible with nonionic and cationic products
Ph 4-5
Stability Good
Shelf life 6 months


GUNJFIX DF is an excellent dye-fixing agent of cationic nature. It combines with loosely absorbed dyestuffs forming a complex molecule, thus reducing the bleeding tendency of such dyeing. The dyed and printed fabric should be wash thoroughly in hot and cold water so as to remove completely anionic products from the fabric before treating with GUNJFIX DF Generally direct or reactive dyed fabric is treated with 2-3 g/l of GUNJ FIX DF in the final rinse along-with 1-2 g/l of acetic acid. It is also recommended for improvement of wet fastness for reactive prints.

The normal concentration recommended for the application of GUNJ FIX DF is as
Direct dyeing – yarn and fabric
(pH: 5-5.5 at 60 C -70 C for 20 minutes)
3% (owf)
Reactive dyeing – yarn and fabric
(pH: 8.5- 9 at 60 C 70 C for 20 minutes)
2-3 % (owf)
Pad application 10-30 g/l
For best results with direct and reactive dyes
Pre-treatment with DYE FIXER –K
When applied before dyeing improves the colour yield without impairing the fastness
For Light shades < 1 % 0.6 % to 0.8 %
For Medium shades 1-2 % 1.5 % to 1.8 %
For Dark shades > 2 % 2 % to 3 %


Ideally suited for final rinsing treatment so as to reduce bleeding of direct and reactive dyes. No washing should follow Gunjfix Df treatment when used as post treatment for improved dye fixation.

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