Amino functional polysiloxane in the form of a micro emulsion for permanent finishing

GUNJAMINE H/C. softner is being manufactured in standard high concentration. It is clear water white and syrup liquid, dilutable with water in all proportion. It imparts silky, smooth and nongreasy feel with an increased elasticity and enhances suitable for polyester and blend of polyester fabrics. It is ideally suitable to super fined cotton, hosiery materials, under garments and children wear.


Appearance Water white
Solubility Dilutes easily with water
Ionic Nature Non‐Ionic
pH 2% solution Slightly acidic


  • Imparts softness which is unobtainable by the use of conventional products, with excellent durability to washing and dry cleaning.
  • Imparts water repellency to treated fabrics.
  • Improves ant pilling and antistatic properties of textiles.


  • This product imparts a soft, non greasy handle, very much reminiscent of natural silk. The degree of softness is for superior to that obtained with conventional softners.
  • Application bath have optimum stability when Ph is slightly on the acidic side.
  • Gunjamine MFW LIQ. Should be applied by pad, since it is non‐ionic, although application from very short. Liquor ration may give adequate results.
  • 1‐3% Micro Amino (diluted) on weight of goods should normally be sufficient to obtain a soft silky handle. It is particularly effective in cotton, polyester / cotton and polyester fibers in comparison with conventional softners.
  • Application of Micro Amino will impart hydrophonic properties to fibers and the softner is not recommended where a water absorbent final effect is required.

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