GUNJCRYL PA50 (Pure Acrylic Emulsion Paint Binder)

Composition Pure Acrylic
Description GUNJCRYL PA 50 is Pure Acrylic Emulsion Resin which is perfectly suitable for
exterior paint applications.

Chemicals Properties

Colour & Appearance 50 ± 1 %
Film Clear
PH 8 to 9.5
Specific gravity 1.06
MFFT at 0 deg c + 13 deg c 
VISCOCITY 0.5 to 3 PS, spindle no 2, RPM 60 , LVT model of Brookfield viscometer
PARTICLE SIZE 0.09 to 0.2 Microns finer
Grit No 
Tack   No 


  • Semi Gloss / Matt Finish
  • Exterior Paint
  • Good Tinting Strength
  • Excellent Scrub Resistance
  • Exterior Paint for white & pastel Shades.
  • Easy Applications.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces to receive GUNJCRYL PA50 need to be clear free of laitance, dust, durt, Oil, Paint, Coatings & Other contaminants which might interfere with adhesion.


GUNJCRYL PA50 is suitable as binder for highly pigmented emulsion paint for interior as well as exterior paint Applications. It imparts smooth, silky finish with aesthetic appeal.


To avoid attack of micro‐organisms preservatives are normally used. Compatibility and efficacy need to be tested prior to use.


GUNJCRYL PA50 must be stored in closed conditions in dry and well ventilated areas. Exposures to high temperature conditions must be avoided. Self life is 6 months when stored under proper conditions.

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