GUNJCRYL-V33 is a Poly Vinyl Acetate based copolymer dispersion. It is produced by latest technology to deliver high strength, greater holding power. It provides internal molecular strength and with no molecular distortion during further operations of paint manufacturing process. Generically, it is internally plasticized copolymer emulsion. It gives slightly hard and flexible film with moderate wet scrub and good hiding properties.

Chemicals Properties

Physical Appearance Milky White Viscous Liquid.
Solid content:(%) 50 ± 1 %
PH 8 ± 0.5.
Viscosity 15000 to 30000 cps on Brookfield viscometer LVT model 4 Spindle No. RPM-6.
Film Appearance Clear.
Density 1 ± 0.1
Particle size 0.5 microns
Residual monomer 0.3 max

Suggested Applications

GUNJCRYL-V33 is an vam acrylate paint binder with good bond strength, low tack and good workability for manufacturing of interior paints, low cost distempers. It can yield good results against use of styrene acrylate.

Storage Life

6 months from date of manufacturing.


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