GUNJSOFT-NI is a non-yellowing, scorch-resistant softener for application to cottons, cellulosic and their blends with polyester; the finished fabrics also achieve a smooth silky hand.

end of polyester fabrics. It is ideally suitable to super fined cotton, hosiery materials, under garments and children wear.


Type Non-Ionic
CONSTITUTION Blend of Fatty acid esters
APPEARANCE Off- White Paste
SOLUBILITY Ready miscible with water by first pasting with four parts of water at 600 C before diluting to the desired concentration with addition of hot water.


  • Gives a soft lubricated feel to cellulosic and polyester/cellulosic blended fabrics, as well as 100% polyesters.
  • Does not adversely affect the soiling properties of synthetics or cellulosic and can be used alongside in an anti soiling finish.
  • Imparts greater tear strength and improves abrasion resistance in cellulosic.
  • Promotes fibre/metal lubricity for improved sewing characteristics.


  • For an attractive soft and smooth hand pad the fabric through liquor containing 5-30 g/l Gunjsoft NI.
  • As a softener in resin finishes – First dilute the Resin with water and add the resin catalyst or employ Gunjsoft KVS precatalysed shock cure anti crease resin. Separately prepare a solution of Gunjsoft NI special and add to the resin pad- liquor.
  • A level of 10-30 g/l of Gunjsoft NI is recommended and the padded fabric is dried and shock cured as required for resin fixation.


Stable Under normal conditions.
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