Economical substitute of soda-Ash for dyeing of Reactive & Sulphur (‘S’ Dyes) dyes on cotton & p/c blends & for other textile wet processing applications.


Kidon is a mixed alkali system, specially developed for dyeing of Reactive dyes, ‘S’ dyes on cotton & p/c blends. Kidon is very economical & gives better fixation of dyes on fabrics.


  • KIDON replaces Soda-Ash totally for Reactive dyes, ‘S’ dyes dyeing on cotton & Blends.
  • KIDON is used in small Quantities (30% to 40%) compared to soda-ash, Hence reducing the cost of dyeing substantially.
  • KIDON is used very less compared to soda-ash, it reduces TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) & hence reduces load on ETP-Plant.
  • KIDON helps in maintaining constant ph of the dye-bath (ph Buffer properties) & hence gives better fixation of dyes.
  • Dilute KIDON with 5-10 Liter water before adding it in dye-bath or add directly in dye-bath liquid and mix it nicely.
  • KIDON is to be used in very less quantity, it is easy & fast to remove alkali, after fixation of dyes on fabrics, and hence soaping time is reduced.
  • KIDON can be successfully applied for Hot Brand, Cold Brand, HE, ME, VS based dyes.

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