MARVEL RD is a low – foaming high performance Detergent, designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics particularly in high-turbulence equipment such as winch, soft-flow, jet and package dyeing machines as well as in continuous processing systems.


Type Non-Ionic
APPEARANCE Colorless liquid.
SOLUBILITY Soluble in water in all proportions.
COMPATIBILITY Compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic Products and preparation/bleaching chemicals.


  • It has excellent emulsifying and soil-suspending Properties with sustained low-foam character throughout heating, cooling and rinsing cycles.
  • It is a concentrated product for uniform extraction of oils and waxes at low levels of application.
  • It possesses very high detergent action which ensures rapid removal of synthetic sizing agents and spinning oils from polyester and polyamide based fabrics.
  • It eliminates the need for defoamers/antifoaming agents; these are generally temperature sensitive and tend to disintegrate under high-turbulence conditions.
  • It has extremely high primary biodegradability (BIAS test) and is readily bioeminable (DOC analysis – OCED 301C)
  • It is stable to hard water, acids and oxidizing agents, and in caustic alkali up to caustic soda concentrations of 50 g/l.


Due to its powerful detergent activity and low foam property MARVEL RD advantageously replaces conventional scouring surfactants employed in batch wise and conventional preparation processes. MARVEL RD allows significant improvement in productivity. It is particularly useful in single-stage combined desize/scour/bleach operations for woven and knitted fabrics, terry-toweling and yarn packages.

On polyester-based fabric, removals of synthetic sizing agent (especially acrylates which are used to facilitate the weaving operation on water-jet looms) pose a major problem. MARVEL RD expeditiously cleans out such polymers in short treatment times.

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