RINOWET PCI - Detergent, Scouring & Wetting agent

RINOWET PCI is an ideal combination of anionic and ionic products, with-out exhibiting their disadvantages. It has excellent detergency, high wetting and dispersing power, with effective carrying capacity for soil and fats. Backed by its high compatibility, Prophox finds wide application in preparatory wet processing of cellulosic’s and synthetic fibers.

Appearance Pale, Translucent, Thick liquid
Chemical character Crypto anionic ethylene oxide condensation product
Storage stability Good
pH of 1% solution 6.5
Stability to
Hard water Good
Salts Good (including alkaline earth salts)
Acids Good
Alkalis Good
Compatibility with
Anionic Good
Cationic Prior trials recommended
Non-ionic Good

Compatibility with working solutions of sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydrosulphite and enzymes is also good.


1. Cotton Processing
Desizing 1-1.5 g/l Rinowet PCI in enzyme bath ensures thorough size removal.
Kier boiling 1-2 g/l Rinowet PCI along with the other Chemicals accelerates boiling process, ensures the suspension of Dissolved impurities and prevents re-deposition.
Continuous boiling In view of its high alkaline stability it has special Application in the j-box. 2 g/l Rinowet PCI liquid in alkali saturator Ensures rapid and even uptake of liquor, better cleansing and absorbency
Bleaching - 2g/l Rinowet PCI in bleach liquor produces Better and uniform bleaching in lesser time. Added absorbency of the bleached goods facilitates uniform resin Finishing
Washing off dyeing and prints 0.5-1 g/l Rinowet PCI in Washing off liquor ensures complete removal of colour residues and thickener paste efficient after-washing of reactive dyeing and prints could be achieved with
1-2 g/l Rinowet PCI
0.5 g/l soda ash
2. Scouring Of Synthetic Fibers
Polyester and Polyamide 1-2 g/l Rinowet PCI
1-3 g/l Caustic soda 66o tw at 80-85oC. for 30 minutes
Acrylic 2.0 g/l Rinowet PCI
g/l Trisodium phosphate at 60oC. For 30 minutes

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