Medium Temperature Alpha amylase for Desizing


Zeston 500 is a medium temperature α-Amylase enzyme preparation used for desizing. The enzyme will randomly hydrolyze 1, 4- α-D-glucosidic linkages in gelatinized starch and starch derivatives into soluble dextrin and oligosaccharides.


Zeston 500 has following characteristics:

Physical Form Liquid
Appearance Light brown Color
Odor Yeast Like
pH 7.0-7.5

Working Parameters

Zeston 500 operates best under the following parameters

Parameter Optimal Range Operational Range
Temperature 45°C – 70°C 40 °C-75°C
pH 5.5-7.0 5.0-7.5


Zeston 500 should be used for conventional and semi rapid desizing processes for fabrics and garments sized with starch, starch derivatives or blends and other synthetic sizing materials.

Wetting agents, scouring agents and non-ionic detergents can be used with Zeston 500 to enhance penetration and assists in size swelling, also assisting removal of synthetic sizing materials. Lubricants are generally recommended to be used in combination with Zeston 500 during desizing to reduce the formation of crease and streaks.

Whenever auxiliary chemicals are used in conjunction with desizing enzymes, check to ensure that they are compatible with the enzyme.


  • Uniform, efficient and complete desizing.
  • Unique feature to break down other synthetic sizing materials
  • Suitable for conventional and semi rapid desizing processes.
  • Reduces process treatment time
  • No fabric strength loss, irrespective of treatment time
  • Increase in penetration of dye, bleaches and other finishing chemicals.
  • High activity, thus economical in use and storage.
  • 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable


50 KG. HDPE Drums

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